University of Tübingen: University of Tübingen suspends cooperation with Russia

In reaction to the war against Ukraine, the University of Tübingen will suspend cooperation with Russian universities and research institutions until further notice. “We are following the recommendation of the Alliance of Science Organizations to freeze all cooperation with Russian partners with immediate effect,” said Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Professor Monique Scheer, on Thursday. Joint research activities would be stopped. In addition, there will be no joint scientific conferences for the time being. The University of Tübingen will also initially not seek any new research projects with Russian institutions.

Scheer said that the university would not be sending Tübingen students to Russia for an exchange in the near future. Business trips to Russia would no longer be approved. “At the same time, the University of Tübingen expressly recognizes that Russian scientists and Russian students are not responsible for the war of aggression in Ukraine,” emphasized the Vice President: “On the contrary, numerous researchers have courageously spoken out against this war.” Therefore, the University of Tübingen does not want to block the way to Germany for such people. However, Russia’s attack on Ukraine also requires a clear stance from scientists in Germany, said Scheer: “The Ukrainian people are fighting for their freedom,

Despite the difficult conditions, the University of Tübingen remains a place of exchange and cosmopolitanism, said the Prorector: “All Russian students, teachers and researchers who are currently at the University of Tübingen are still welcome and can of course stay.” Russian students will be accepted and enrolled in the coming summer semester.

Scientists at the University of Tübingen cooperate on a variety of topics with researchers at universities and research institutions in Russia. Scientists from the fields of astronomy, geosciences, history, law, mathematics, microbiology, physics and Slavic studies are involved. In addition, the University of Tübingen has exchange agreements with universities in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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