University of Tyumen: SAS launched a new project for applicants

School of Advanced Studies (SAS) of UTMN invites school graduates and students to join a new project “SAS Goes Live”. Every week for three months, SAS students and professors will meet with applicants to talk about higher education, disciplinary fields, online learning and more and help young people make an independent and informed decision about their future.

“For 4.5 years, we have talked with a huge number of applicants, and it is no secret to us that it is very difficult to make a decision about your future at the age of 17-18. There are probably many external factors that put pressure on you – friends, family, teachers, and even the very exams. Do you listen to yourself? In the pursuit of pleasing everyone, there is a risk of making a hasty decision, forgetting about what you really want to do”, SAS experts say.

The meetings include discussions, interviews, and workshops with tutors of the SAS Academic Writing Center for the development of academic skills important for further study or work.

It starts on Saturday, November 13, at 18:00 Tyumen time (+5 GMT). Registration is required.

The language of meetings is English. The recommended level is B1.

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