University of Tyumen: The University of Tyumen enteres the top-1000 of the global QS rating

In the QS World University Rankings 2022, the University of Tyumen entered the top-1000 best universities. UTMN falls into the 801-1000 tier. Overall, thirty-five Russian universities are included in the top-1000.

The ranking is compiled based on a survey of 130 thousand representatives of academia and 75 thousand employers around the world. 14.7 million scientific publications and 96 million citations were taken into account to measure the research impact of universities.

According to the results of the ranking, UTMN has great scientific activity overall and shows high results in terms of individual subject areas.

Ivan Romanchuk, Rector of the University of Tyumen, comments:

“The University of Tyumen entering the world rankings is a big milestone for us. It is the direct result of systematic change that we implemented over the years. We saw growth across main development areas: research output, quality of education, international faculty and student recruitment, campus facilities and accommodation, joint projects and cooperation with industries.”

This year, the QS Institutional Ranking includes 1,300 higher education institutions from 97 countries. Overall, 6415 universities applied for the ranking, and 1705 of them were included in the analysis. The number of Russian universities included in the ranking grew from 32 to 48.

To compile the ranking, QS uses six indicators to effectively assess the performance of the university: academic reputation (40%), reputation among employers (10%), the ratio of the number of teachers to students (20%), the number of citations per professors and employees (20%), foreign faculty and staff (5%) and foreign students (5%).

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