University of Vienna: Successful Young Investigator’s online workshop on Nanoengineered Superconductors – NES21

More than two hundred participants from 31 countries met together from May 10 to 12, 2021 in an online workshop on Nanoengineered Superconductors. The workshop was hosted by the University of Vienna with support of the COST Action CA16218 “NanoCoHybri”.

38 invited talks, 30 posters and two talks of an overview character made up the rich programme of the online workshop devoted to a selection of topics on superconductivity and low temperature physics. The workshop sessions encompassed properties of micro- and nanoscale superconductors, as well as their applications in magnetic-field sensing, single-photon detection, and hybrid quantum circuits. The unique features of the workshop were its strong focus on younger investigators and the possibility to take part as a “scholar” (i.e. without presenting a talk or poster) which has turned out to be a very attractive option for graduate and undergraduate students. The workshop was chaired by Oleksandr Dobrovolskiy and Wolfgang Lang (both from the Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna), Alina Ionescu (National Institute of Materials Physics, Romania) and Dieter Kölle (Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany). All attendees benefited from the free-of-charge participation thanks to the support of the COST Action CA16218 “NanoCoHybri”. The special evening talk “Physicist in Gastronomy Universe” by Andrey Varlamov has become a “cherry on the cake” proving that even an online talk can create a very cozy atmosphere of the real conference dinner. In all, the workshop has triggered fruitful discussions and novel collaborations, putting the SuperSpin Lab at Nanomagnetism and Magnonics and the Electronic Properties of Materials Group at the Faculty of Physics into the spotlight of international superconductivity research.