University of Western Australia: UWA partnerships drive medical product development

The University of Western Australia and partners will deliver a clinical entrepreneur pilot program and targeted training to boost medical product commercialisation, both funded by the MTPConnect Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry program.

MTPConnect, an organisation created to accelerate the rate of growth of the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector in Australia, announced the initiatives today.

Professor Kevin Pfleger, Director Biomedical Innovation at UWA, said the entrepreneur program will help equip healthcare professionals with the skills to translate and commercialise their ideas and innovation into impactful solutions.

“The program will drive the development of solutions that will be used by patients and healthcare providers to address key challenges,” Professor Pfleger said.

“It will also cause a cultural change within the healthcare system by encouraging entrepreneurialism, and retain expert clinical staff who might otherwise leave to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions.”

MTPConnect CEO Stuart Dignam said UWA and the University of Melbourne would deliver the Clinical Entrepreneur Program pilot across three States: Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales.

“It will provide an avenue to leverage and optimise untapped sector expertise and help foster and support clinical entrepreneurship,” Mr Dignam said.

“It will drive skills development and workforce training for the future. A MTP workforce report found that successfully harnessing the potential of clinician entrepreneurs could make a real difference to the growth of Australia’s medical sector.”

The program will provide workshops and networking opportunities to healthcare professionals to develop innovative ideas into products, enterprises and businesses that benefit the clinical care of patients.

Wrays, one of the largest independent intellectual property specialist firms in Australia, has partnered with Yuuwa Capital, QRC Solutions and Biodesign Australia, administered by UWA.

The Wrays Consortium will deliver The Commercialisation Framework Supporting Biomedical Outcomes, providing training and education programs to develop the skill sets required for the commercialisation of therapeutic products and medical technologies.

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