University of York: York academic drives to Ukraine border to provide equipment and medical supplies

A University of York academic has helped deliver vital aid and medical supplies to the Poland-Ukraine border.

Dr Alexei Daletskii, from the University’s Department of Mathematics, has twice completed the 2,800 mile round trip to the border, delivering nearly £6,000 worth of humanitarian aid and a pick-up truck to Ukrainian volunteers.

Dr Daletskii is part of a small group of multinational volunteers, mostly based in Selby, who have collected donations, bought supplies and transported them to Ukraine.

Now, Dr Daletskii – who graduated from Kyiv University – and his fellow volunteers are planning another trip, which they are raising funds towards.


Dr Daletskii said: “Our ambition is to buy another pickup truck and fill it with supplies.

“We work with particular people in Ukraine, whom we know personally, thus avoiding the bureaucracy and distribution problems big charities encounter.

“The people we work with are so committed, and it’s a real privilege to work with them. It was good to see happy smiles on their faces when they collected the truck.

“I would like to thank my colleagues for their generous donations so far. We are now starting a new round of fundraising, so if anyone would like to help, please visit our crowdfunding page.”

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