University of Zurich: Kitted Out for Summer

Many readers took part in our summer quiz and found the correct keyword. The answer was PERCEPTION.

Congratulations to the winners! Julia Lienhard wins a drybag, Antoine Finck a water bottle, and Beatrix Graf a bath towel. Read on to find out how they will use their prizes and where they are spending the summer vacation.

What’s the wildest water you have swum in?
The North Sea.

Where are you spending your summer vacation?
This year I’m not going on vacation until fall, because I’m invited to a wedding in Malaysia then.

What would be your dream holiday?
My favorite destination would be somewhere by the ocean where you can swim and snorkel, but also take day trips and go hiking, for example.

Where are you spending your summer vacation?
I’ll be spending part of my vacation in Alsace, in the Vallée de Munster. I’ve been going there since I was a kid, and it continues to be one of my dream destinations – along with the Engadine and Brittany. Next time I go, the water bottle will come with me.

What kind of drink will you take in your bottle?
I’ll fill it with fizzy water.

What is your favorite swimming spot?
A secluded pond at the edge of the forest near where I live.

What will you use the bath towel for?
Well, simply for drying myself I guess…

What would be your dream holiday?
A leisurely but active holiday: hiking, visiting cultural or historical sites, reading books, and above all enjoying nature. I don’t need to go far, there are many beautiful corners of Switzerland to discover.

Where are you spending your summer vacation?
I already went on vacation a few weeks ago: I had a few days in Crete and a few days at home.

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