Unlocking affordability, DUX Education launches industry-first monthly subscription plan starting at Rs. 750

New Delhi: An innovative e-learning platform that fulfills the end-to-end after-school tutoring needs of K-12 students, DUX Education, has extended monthly fee packages to students keeping the affordability factor open to all. The monthly fee packages start at INR 750 per subject, wherein parents have the option to upgrade to an annual plan that costs a meager INR 6,000 for the full year at any point in time.


Launched in 2020 by two young entrepreneurs Rohit Jain and Udit Chaturvedi, DUX Education maintains high standards of pedagogical training for students in India and abroad. The platform builds on affordability, accessibility, and engagement as key elements to enhance the learning curve of students. It creates a unique confluence of academic training and technology, in which Dux Education drives conceptual understanding with personalization and constant practice. It further ensures that the after-school tutoring syllabus of students is in tandem with their school syllabus.


Speaking on the latest development Rohit Jain CEO and Co-Founder, DUX Education, said, “Our focus from Day-1 has been on providing affordable and engaging education to all. We are proud to be the first EdTech company in India to provide monthly subscription options at affordable rates. While strengthening our core values, it also reflects our confidence in the product and our ability to perform every month rather than locking students in long-term contracts to ensure better retention numbers. This confidence is the part and parcel of the constant support and words of appreciation that we receive from our students. Our experience is our moat.”


He added, “The monthly subscription model is very close to the heart of the whole team and takes us back to our roots when we used to pay monthly fees for our tuitions. It’s just the embodiment of basic principles at play.”


Additionally, the monthly model will help parents and students experience the real product before they actually commit to long-term plans. It serves as a ‘light on pocket’ option for them while also equipping them with superior flexibility.


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