UnMath School collaborated with Faber-Castell, one of the world’s largest and oldest manufacturers of art supplies for Art and Craft Math

Mumbai : UnMath School has collaborated with Faber-Castell one of the world’s largest and oldest manufacturers of art supplies, to create Math based experiences around Art and Craft.

UnMath School will be conducting workshops from 21st March to 26th March. In this workshop, students will be given art supplies from Faber-Castell, using these products children will have to perform various activities and understand the math around it.

In collaboration with Faber-Castell, Divesh Bathija, co-founder of UnMath School said, ‘We are elated with this collaboration and excited to work with Faber-Castell. We at UnMath School develop students’ skills by creative mathematics approach. We believe in the experience of outcome-based education (OBE), which helps students understand mathematical concepts beyond textbooks. We are passionately working towards linking industry and school curriculum to build relevance around the practical application of Math’.

UnMath provides a list of programs with hands-on experience with a focus on a student’s need to understand the importance and use of mathematics on a daily basis. They offer a creative mathematics curriculum that allows students to reacquaint themselves with the traditional values of mathematics more smartly and simply.

UnMath School also partnered with Alab toys, a UAE-based Toy Company. This collaboration was for UAE students, where the students used Alab Lego toys to understand the Math in building various models.

UnMath’s curriculum also includes popular games and logical options, allowing students and teachers to maintain a consistent pace of learning without the use of a textbook or calculator. It has been implemented in over 200 schools in India, Nepal, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Sri Lanka, training over 50,000 students and mentoring over 10,000 teachers.


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