Uno Lona Academy based out of Ahmedabad to organize ‘BlendEd’ – a series of workshops on Art, Design & Visual Communication for new-age learners

New Delhi: The Uno Lona Academy, an emerging academy that helps in mentoring the students with their future career portfolios in art, design, and visual communication would be organizing a series of workshops and talks under the title ‘BlendEd’ in art and design education. These workshops and talks will be focusing on a diverse community of learners interested in the creative fields. BlendEd starts from the 21st of May to the 25th of July. Each weekend (Friday & Sunday) will have 2 workshops and 1 talk (Saturday) dedicated to a predetermined focus area. The tickets for the workshops range from INR 500 – INR 1200, inclusive of taxes (price subjected to the focus of the week), and the enrollment for the talks is free of cost.
Discussing the above series, Mr. Harsimran Juneja, Co-Founder & Director of The Uno Lona Academy said, “There are endless practices under the banners of art and design. And the resources to explore these are scattered or hard to access. BlendEd is an attempt to introduce some of these practices collectively, in a bite-sized format, to aid young learners to begin their journey or even delve deeper into the creative fields.”
 BlendEd (Workshop) is a summer series with10 focus areas to be covered in 10 weeks backed with numerous disciplines under art and design. Each weekend (Friday & Sunday) will have 2 workshops dedicated to a predetermined focus area. For the same, the Academy has invited prominent field mentors to lead and guide the students. 
Renowned painter and designer, Mr. Arvind Sundar, will be conducting a workshop on graphic designing and visual communication, on the 9th of July, 2021 (Friday) where he will be talking about the Art and Science of Colour. The workshop involves several hands-on experiments that would defy your sense of vision and create a new awareness about color. The workshop timings for Friday are 6 pm-8 pm, with Rs.1000 for a ticket. 
 BlendEd (The Talk) will be moderated by Interior Designer Mr. Niraj Shah of Ido design and Mr. Harsimran Juneja Co-founder & director of the Uno Lona Academy, along with the expert from the industry that is focused on, for the week. Their conversations for BlendEd are a dive into art and design practice and education as well as the future of the creative economy. Every Saturday the academy will have a talk dedicated to a predetermined focus area. The talk timings for Saturday (dates are mentioned below) are 6 pm – 7 pm, and the enrollment for the talks is free of cost. 
As each week focuses on a diverse community of learners interested in the creative fields, below is the schedule for the rest of the series :
Week Month Dates Focus *
1 May 21st – 23rd Printmaking
2 May 28th – 30th Photography / Cinema / Film / Animation
3 June 4th – 6th Fine Arts
4 June 11th – 13th Interior Design
5 June 18th – 20th Architecture
6 June 25th – 27th Product / Industrial Design
7 July 2nd – 4th Creative Business / Management
8 July 9th – 11th Graphic Design / Visual Communication
9 July 16th – 18th Fashion Design / Textile Design
10 July 23rd – 25th Other
* The prices of the workshops are subjective to the focus point of the week
Apart from teaching them good skills, the purpose behind all their courses is to develop their mind to think independently. For The Uno Lona Academy, art is about creative freedom and that’s what they offer to their students. They plan on organizing the workshop every summer and have new focus points to cover each season.