Unravelling Mysteries: Tales Of The Elusive Yeti Take Center Stage at Mountain Echoes Literary Festival


Thimphu: As part of the global conversations on environment and conservation, Mountain Echoes literary festival, Bhutan’s distinctive literary, arts and cultural festival, brought together celebrated names from Bhutan, India and across the globe to unravel the reasons behind nature’s greatest obscurities.

Each year, hundreds set out in search of the elusive Himalayan Yeti, but few return with any answers. Daniel C. Taylor, author of Yeti: The Ecology of a Mystery, took the stage on Day 2 of Mountain Echoes literary festival to shed light on the haunting mystery. In conversation with Festival Co-Director and author Tshering Tashi and Karma Singye Dorji, writer of Dreaming of Prayer Flags: Stories and Images from Bhutan, he gave the audience definitive explanations for the centuries-old mystery of the abominable snowman.

The trio spoke at length during the ninth edition of the festival about Daniel C. Taylor’s journey exploring the snow footprints of the mysterious Yeti, and its snow-clad Himalayan habitat.

While Tshering spoke about the various expeditions to uncover the truth behind the Yeti, Daniel detailed his personal trips to various valleys around Bhutan, Nepal and China with the quest to understand the true Yeti. Through a series of photographs, Daniel examined the physical evidence of the Yeti.