UNSW’s The Future of Change Scholarship: Consistently Rewarding Indian Academic Soundness

Laurie Pearcey

Chief Executive Officer, UNSW Global Pty Ltd

Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), UNSW Sydney

India produces innumerable meritorious students, who aspire to pursue their higher studies overseas. Over the year, studies have found that the country has a vast majority of students passing every year with remarkable results. Educational institutions abroad have always been impressed by the grit and determination of Indian students. Their thorough grasp on an array of subjects coupled with their will to grow, and the hunger for learning often makes them stand out from their global counterparts. Several international universities have also consistently lauded Indian students for their academic soundness and tenacious nature.

Despite having a reservoir of talent, India has a comparatively smaller number of students who actually end up travelling beyond the borders for their higher studies. One of the prime causes of the scanty turnout is the insufficiency of funds. Often, a number of able students with the desire and ambition to study abroad fail to achieve this goal as they find it difficult to meet the financial requirements of a particular country or foreign institute.

Research has found that there is a plethora of such meritorious candidates that deserve accessibility to higher education, but fail to achieve it due to financial constraints in particular. In order to overcome this challenge, the University Of New South Wales has walked an extra mile by introducing the “Future of Change” scholarship program along with other initiatives to provide financial aid to deserving international students, especially from India.

Future Of Change program is designed solely to benefit meritorious Indian students by aiding them in realising and working towards fulfilling their dream of studying abroad. The scholarship is awarded to exemplary students across a wide range of disciplines, including Humanities, Social Sciences, Architecture, Business, Engineering, International Law, Art, Design and Medicine.

The cardinal requirement for attaining the scholarship demands the student to be an Indian citizen apart from receiving their acceptance letter from UNSW .  Students with clarity of thought and desire to gain extensive knowledge of the subjects of their interest are often preferred whilst awarding this scholarship, which is basically provided to individuals who are determined and are focused towards bringing a bright change in the future.

Future Of Change can be conferred to students wishing to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in any course offered by UNSW. It includes a generous amount that provides an offer for the minimum duration of the program, and is awarded to students in the form of stipend to assist them with the costs accruing additionally.

Besides a globally recognised academic and research institution, UNSW has always been known to always acknowledge the capabilities of female students .  Through the Future of Change scholarship, UNSW has made it lucrative and motivational for Indian students to opt for it as the preferred choice as an international university for pursuing their higher studies and becoming employable.