Upcoming Business Conferences in the year 2020

If you want to catch up with the recent trends in your industry, hear insightful keynotes from the experts, or cobble with other practitioners, the conferences are the appropriate place for you. Nonetheless, amongst so many choices, deciding which conference to devote the time to can be quite challenging.

Therefore, here is an overview of the biggest and most important conferences happening this year.


ICE London 2020 is an important event for the B2B sector in the gambling industry. The 2020 edition of the exhibition is held at the ExCeL in London, United Kingdom, from 4th to 6th February. The conference is being witnessed by about 35,000 qualified participants, including over 600 solution specialists. You will also be able to behold the sight of people working with the new technologies and developments, as well as marketing and networking resources across all the sectors.

The entire gaming community will be displayed in the event with focus on all gambling products like bingo, poker, casino, lottery  and sports betting. ICE London is the ideal event for brand awareness, building invaluable partnerships, and obtaining information on future industry trends. The festival sponsors the ICE VOX Forum, where keynote speakers will be seen providing an overview of the latest development, legislations and all other hot topics of the online gambling industry across the world.

 ICBELS 2020, Lisbon

The International Research Conference is a federated organization that brings together a large number of academic events to be discussed. Activities may also take place over a span, depending on the number of meetings and the duration of the lectures. This gives students, educators, and business analysts outstanding things to learn.

The goal of the International Conference on Business Ethics and Legal Studies is to put together leading scholars, practitioners, and researchers to share their experience and insights from business ethics and juridical studies on all levels. It also presents scholars, professionals, and students with the leading interdisciplinary forum for addressing the new developments, patterns, and issues, together with realistic problems and approaches for business ethics and legal studies. The conference will take place from February 6th-7th 2020, in Lisbon, Portugal

 ICBOE 2020, Barcelona

The International Conference on Business and Organizational Ethics aims to bring together leading prominent scientists, academics, and professional analysts to share their experiences and research findings on all aspects of Business and Organizational Ethics. It also offers a leading interdisciplinary platform that allows scholars, professionals, and educators to address and discuss the latest developments, patterns, and issues as well as real problems and approaches to be found. The ICBOE is going to take place on 10th-11th February 2020, in Barcelona, Spain.

Hawkefest 2020, Los Angeles

In the ever-revolving world of online media conventions, Hawkefest is a blast of new air. The one-day conference presents an excellent and realistic presentation from online marketers, developers and, e-commerce specialists. If you operate an online store or offer products online, Hawkefest will definitely help you to learn from the experts and will help you connect with other productive and innovative entrepreneurs. Hawkefest will be commencing in early October 2020.

BrightonSEO, Brighton

BrightonSEO is a one-day SEO (search engine optimization) marketing conference including a series of training courses held in the huge seafront venue Brighton Centre in Brighton, United Kingdom, from the 16th to 17th of April. It is known as the most popular conference amongst SEO specialists. 2020’s edition includes speakers such as John Mueller, mainly known as the representative from Google talking to webmasters around the globe through the channel “Google Webmaster Hangouts”.

If you are a Search specialist, Brighton SEO conference is where you will find interesting actionable courses and speakers and a chance to connect with other search specialists and expand your network. To give you some feeling of comprehensiveness, 2019’s event in September included everything from technical actionable tips for speed, SERPs to site migrations and how Googlebot renders.

Selecting which event to attend is literally a tough job, especially when hundreds and thousands of conferences are happening every year all around the globe. One of the biggest attractions for most business conferences is the opportunity to learn something new. Therefore we have analyzed a few such conferences which can prove to be beneficial for your company or product.

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