Updating the “Start” program of the Innovation Promotion Fund

On April 17, a meeting of the Fund’s Supervisory Board was held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Reshetnikov. As a result of the meeting, a number of changes were announced in the Start program – a program to support startups at an early stage of development, said Andrey Mikitas, Deputy Director General of the Fund.
Reducing the number of stages of the program for the implementation of R&D: R&D funding will be in 2 stages, and not in 3, as before. This will allow you to spend less time preparing applications and reports and pay more attention to the project!

Increasing the amount of the grant at each stage. A grant of up to 3 million rubles will be allocated for Start-1, and up to 7 million rubles for Start-2. More opportunities to implement your projects!

The minimum terms for the transition from the first stage to the second due to the ongoing competition for “Start-2”. Prompt receipt of grant funds for the completion of the development will contribute to the early introduction of domestic innovative products to the market!

The third stage of the program will replace the “Business Start” competition, which is focused on the creation of production of innovative products / services developed within the “Start” framework.

In addition, a new video was announced, which is in the work of the fund. The new video will contain basic information about the key sections of the application – TOR, estimate and schedule – to make filling out the documents easier and increase your chances of winning!

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