UPES School of Business introduces 4-year integrated BBA-MBA Programs


Dehradun: School of Business at UPES, Dehradun has introduced 4-year integrated BBA-MBA programs, as the demand for skilled, talented, and knowledgeable MBA professionals continue to rise. The 4 -year integrated programs have been designed to be fast-tracked yet intensive and futuristic, aligned with the industry needs.


Integrated Programs Introduced:


School of Business has introduced six new integrated programs. The Integrated (BBA) – (MBA) program offers four specializations in- 1. Marketing Management 2. Finance Management 3. Human Resource 4. Operations Management. The integrated (B.Com (Hons)) – (MBA) program has been launched with two specializations being offered in 1. E-commerce 2. Banking & Insurance.


Along with the core subjects and specializations, higher number of minor electives and exploratory courses as choice from the other Schools of the University has been added during the program so that the student can identify his or her own pathway to become highly multidisciplinary. School of Business students can opt for exploratory minors such as artificial intelligence, digital marketing, digital transformation, start your start-up, business analytics, international business, family business and entrepreneurship and more.


Dr Githa Heggde, Dean, School of Business, UPES says, “For business management enthusiasts and organizations aiming to grow their businesses, MBA is the most sought-after degree. And why not? MBA education allows one to attain mastery over domain knowledge, solve business challenges, prepare for future scenarios and help companies prosper. It is a highly dynamic field where aspirants are expected to be multi-skilled. Whether you work in finance, technology, management, marketing, or manufacturing, the integrated MBA degree will open opportunities for greater career advancement.”


Benefits of a 4-year Integrated BBA-MBA Program:


The fast-tracked 4-year integrated BBA-MBA programs at the School of Business have been carefully crafted after detailed discussions with industry leaders to meet global requirements. While the students save on a year, the curriculum ensures that the study content is not diluted, rather the students are provided with a customized learning pathway to accomplish their aspirations. Other salient features of these integrated programs are:

Students will be practicing a longer internship spanning from 3 to 6 months based on the industry requirement which will help them gain practical problem-solving ability in addition to the active, experiential learning that is built into the curriculum.
Specific subjects/modules included to prepare students for corporate world much in advance such as Corporate Etiquettes and Image Management.
Courses and Modules have been added in the digital and analytical area to the already existing ones to develop students’ analytical and technical abilities with modules such as- Introduction to Programming, advanced and specialized Analytics.
Programs such as Rural Immersion, Climate Change & Sustainable Environment added to make students socially and environmentally conscious and work towards finding innovative solutions.

“Our education framework is designed to prepare future leaders. Specific training interventions all along the program duration targeting cross-functional expertise are planned to enhance a students’ employability quotient. The value-added courses such as PEP (Personality Enhancement Program), which provide foundational level workshops pertaining to communication, team collaboration, critical thinking and general soft skills go a long way in enriching the students’ knowledge and preparedness for successful industry leadership role”, adds Dr. Githa Heggde.


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