upGrad announces 3 cutting-edge Certificate Programs in partnership with Purdue University

~ Adding to upGrad’s university network, this collaboration with Purdue will offer Full Stack Development, Blockchain and Cloud Backend Development certifications~


Mumbai : upGrad, Asia’s higher EdTech leader in a recent development, has announced a partnership today with the Purdue University – one of the top 10 U.S. public universities – to offer three certificate programs focused on trending technology subjects like Blockchain, Full Stack Development, and Cloud Backend Development. The EdTech major is expanding global university partnerships and product portfolio to help working professionals launch their careers across specialized tech domains, with the latest curriculum, quality pedagogy, and dedicated career support.


Hailed as one of the top public universities and ranked among the top 10 Most Innovative Universities in the United States by U.S. News & World Report, Purdue University along with upGrad will empower India’s workforce to develop niche tech skills through a mix of asynchronous and LIVE classes. The three blended courses are nine months each in duration and cumulatively involve a total of 1100 learning hours. The Full Stack Development Certificate Program and the Cloud Backend Development Certificate Program include 10 assignments each, to offer the hands-on learning experience. The Blockchain Certificate Program offers 4 assignments as a part of the curriculum.


These online programs with the curriculum approved by Purdue and powered by upGrad, offer best-in-class content, Masterclasses with leading faculty and industry experts, over 10 programming tools and dedicated career support for learners. Each program is designed to cover the micro aspects of the subjects, spanning from the foundation to the advanced level for strengthening the subject knowledge and application skills. The Full Stack Development program will offer learners the chance to master full-stack development skills that include Programming Essentials, Web Design, API and Microservices, DevOps, etc. The Blockchain Certificate Program will be more skill-development focused including elements like Blockchain Fundamentals and Frameworks, Bitcoin Concepts, Blockchain Architecture, Ethereum, Hyperledger, JavaScript, NodeJS, Git, and much more. The Cloud Backend Development Certificate Program will cater to upskilling learners with subjects including Cloud, MySQL-Amazon RDS, NoSQL Database-MongoDB, Backend Development, Design and Development of a Microservices – based web application backend, Testing, Debugging, and Containerization.


Phalgun Kompalli, Co-Founder, upGrad commented, “We operate in an era where the latest technologies are dominating the job specs and are encouraging professionals to acquire cutting-edge skills for addressing the forthcoming market challenges. Recruiters are constantly looking out for the digital-savvy technology talent who are well-versed with evolving programming languages and tech nuances for driving maximum business growth. Therefore, the newly launched program in partnership with the elite Purdue University, will further propel quality and utility-driven learning for millions which can be pursued alongside a lucrative job.”


Through the partnership, upGrad aims at providing value to enterprise organisations and their distributed teams who are looking to upskill in the fast-evolving tech landscape. The minimum eligibility criteria for these programs are a high school diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree completion is encouraged along with hands-on experience with C++/Java/Javascript/Python, Data Structures & Algorithms.

Earlier this year, upGrad had partnered with Fullstack Academy, a top-ranked tech education provider based in New York City, to introduce two new Caltech certificate programs in Cybersecurity and Data Analytics on the platform. These programs are designed for professionals with little to no technical background, teaching skills that qualify its participants for high-paying, in-demand tech jobs in India and beyond. Therefore, upGrad is gradually adding the entire gamut of the latest industry-relevant technical skilling programs to its product portfolio, to democratize transnational learning for the global learner base.

“The pandemic-induced demand for cloud-related roles have widened the skill gap in the country and therefore, with the right set of programs and a strong university network, we are set to create the biggest tech-program portfolio in the country, which is not only accessible but extremely cost-effective,” concluded Phalgun.

Click here to learn more about the programs:

· Full Stack Development Certificate Program https://www.upgrad.com/full-stack-development-certificate-program-purdue/?utm_source=PR&utm_campaign=IND_BRD_WEB_PR_HT_ALL_ALL_upGradAndPurdueUniversity_ALL_ALL

· Cloud Backend Development Certificate Program https://www.upgrad.com/cloud-native-backend-development-program-purdue/?utm_source=PR&utm_campaign=IND_BRD_WEB_PR_HT_ALL_ALL_upGradAndPurdueUniversity_ALL_ALL

· Blockchain Certificate Program https://www.upgrad.com/blockchain-certification-program-purdue/?utm_source=PR&utm_campaign=IND_BRD_WEB_PR_HT_ALL_ALL_upGradAndPurdueUniversity_ALL_ALL


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