upGrad announces a week-long initiative to drive quality-education in rural areas, starting this International Day of Education

New Delhi: On account of International Day of Education, observed every year on January 24 to steer education across the globe, upGrad announces a week-long initiative to support the cause. The drive, starting 24th will be advanced over a period of 7 days after which upGrad will donate a substantial part of its total income generated to the Swades Foundation, a non-profit organisation catering to the needs of the rural economy. The Foundation will then utilise the money to uplift the living standards of children with limited or no access to quality education.

Originally wheeled by United Nations General Assembly in 2019 to promote literacy amidst areas with minimal or zero opportunities and resources, the year 2020 also continues to make an impact with its centralised theme #CommitToEducation and #RightToEducation.

Talking about the cause, Mayank Kumar co-founder & MD upGrad says, “Rural literacy in India is still one of the alarming issues. We, being a part of the liberate & privileged section must take corrective measures to contribute towards the development of a rural economy which not only includes sanitation & living standards but also takes care of the betterment of child education and civilisation. This week-long initiative by upGrad is yet another way to drive change and we rightfully commits to support the cause.”