Upliftment of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups

New Delhi: The PVTG communities are covered under other schemes of Government of India which are (i) directed towards generally towards all eligible persons, (ii) are targetted towards the tribal populations under the various schemes of the Central and State Governments under the Scheduled Tribe component as well as (iii) the main schemes of Tribal Affairs Ministry. In addition, Ministry of Tribal Affairs implements a scheme in the name of ‘Development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs)’. This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme having a provision of 100% Central assistance to 18 states and Union territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands where 75 communities identified as PVTGs reside. Funds in the scheme are released under 2 major components of Grant-in-Aid and Creation of Capital Assets. This scheme operates as a gap filling intervention targeted specifically for upliftment of such communities. As part of the same, State Governments undertakes projects that are tailored to cater to sectors like education, health and livelihood schemes for the PVTGs.

The scheme of Development of PVTGs aims at socio-economic development of PVTGs in a comprehensive manner, while retaining their culture and heritage. The financial assistance is provided to the States/UT under the scheme for activities like




Agricultural development,

Animal husbandry,

Strengthening of infrastructure through construction of community assets,

Installation of non-conventional sources of energy for lighting purpose,

Social security

Any other innovative activity meant for the comprehensive development of PVTGs.


Interventions under the scheme are specific to unique requirements of each state. In order to ensure effectiveness of the Scheme,

State Governments have been given the flexibility of utilizing the funds using the gaps identified through Base Line Surveys.

Emphasis is being given on Micro plan approach through formulation of Conservation cum Development (CCD) plans for ensuring conservation of culture and traditional practices of PVTGs.

Physical progress of works approved under the scheme is monitored regularly.

Impact assessment of the scheme has been undertaken by the Ministry and also by NITI Aayog.


This information was given by Minister of State for Tribal Affairs Smt. Renuka Singh Saruta in Rajya Sabha today.


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