UPMC: UPMC Provided $1.5 Billion in Community Benefits in Fiscal Year 2021, as part of over $4 billion in Total Community Investment

UPMC has released its newly updated Community Benefits Report, showcasing its continuing commitment to the regions it serves throughout Pennsylvania, western New York, and western Maryland. The UPMC Community Benefits Report details how UPMC provided $1.5 billion in community benefits during Fiscal Year 2021, calculated using IRS guidelines. This is part of UPMC’s total community investment of over $4 billion, which includes local, state, and federal taxes paid, unreimbursed Medicare costs, investment in facilities, equipment, and technology, and does not include COVID-19 expenditures.

HEALTH_FAIR_PASS_MCC_pressLast year, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, UPMC responded with commitment and compassion to keep individuals, families, and UPMC staff members safe. Although many in-person activities and initiatives were curtailed during this period, UPMC developed innovative solutions to continue access to important community programs — extending telemedicine capabilities and establishing COVID-19 vaccine and testing sites in underserved communities.

UPMC’s annual total economic impact of $46 billion has nearly doubled from five years ago. The health system’s spending has a multiplier effect that ripples benefits through local economies. As the Commonwealth’s largest non-governmental employer with over 90,000 employees, UPMC recently invested $300 million to support its workforce with enhanced pay and benefits.

UPMC’s $1.5 billion in community-focused programs last year equals $4.1 million per day, or over 15% of net patient revenue. According to the most recent publicly available data, UPMC contributes more community benefits than any other health system in Pennsylvania.

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