Ural Federal University: 14 University Lyceum Students Won All-Russian School Olympiad

The final stages of the All-Russian School Olympiad, which was held from March 18 to April 30 in Moscow, Sochi, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and other cities, have ended. The Sverdlovsk Region was represented by 82 participants, including 32 from the Ural Federal University Specialized Research and Education Center.

As a result, out of 34 winners of the final stage, 14 diplomas were received by students from the UrFU Specialized Education and Research Center: in computer science and economics – Artem Abaturov, in computer science and mathematics – Artem Kutuzov, in mathematics – Roman Agarev, in literature – Marina Bogdanova, in physics – Aleksandra Konstantinova, Ilya Rybin and Rodion Lisin, in computer science – Victor Krivoschekov, Dmitry Sosunov and Alexander Reznichenko, in chemistry – Dmitry Patrushev, in German – Gleb Ryzhkovsky.

The winners will be awarded the prize of the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region in the amount of 70 thousand rubles and awarded the title “The winner of the prize of the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region for the students of educational organizations located in Sverdlovsk Region, who became the winners and prize-winners of the final stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad”.

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