Ural Federal University: 14 University Students Successfully Defended Thesis in Startup Format

The innovative format “Startup as a Diploma” really interested university students: 86 students of Ural Federal University institutes applied to participate in the breakthrough format “Startup as a Diploma”, 14 studies received a final recommendation. Their authors demonstrated not only a high level of scientific knowledge, but also competencies of technological entrepreneurs.

“As innovators and drivers of the new format of Startup as a Diploma, we were very pleased that the institutes joined the Startup as a Diploma. The supervisors of final qualifying works are also actively involved in the implementation of the program. It is worth mentioning that they have, in fact, a key role in the process. It is not easy: to develop, write, and defend a master’s thesis in the format of “Startup as a Diploma”, developing the necessary competencies in the course of preparation,” said Nadezhda Terlyga, Deputy First Vice Rector of Ural Federal University.

Students were interested in a wide range of topics, including “Instruments of Support and Organization Forms of Technological Entrepreneurship”, “Information System of Crisis State Diagnosis through Social Networking Platforms”, “Development and Implementation of Information Systems-Promotion of Exclusive Products in the Conditions of Digital Transformation of Economy”, “Development and Study of Control System of Electric Actuators of Deep-Pumping Rods” and others.

“The authors of the recommended papers will be invited to improve their professional level and pass the UrFU Accelerator program, taking one more step to start their own business. If they successfully pass the Accelator, they will have the opportunity to receive a grant for the development of a startup. If for some reason the paper of the author was not recommended, then he or she should not give up: within the Accelerator he or she will be able to work on his or her project and complete the missing competencies,” explained Nadezhda Terlyga.