Ural Federal University: 1,482 University Students Took Part in the Selection Stage of the “I Am a Professional” Olympiad

The online selection stage of the fifth season of the “I am a Professional” Olympiad came to an end on December 26. In 17 days, more than 104 thousand participants, 3,182 of whom were from universities of the Sverdlovsk region, tried their hand in one or more of 72 areas.

“The tasks of the selection stage were completed by 104523 participants from 83 regions of the country. We are happy that for five years young professionals have not lost interest in the Olympiad, that they see what serious career and academic opportunities the project gives them. For our part we try not only to hold competitions but also to act as an educational platform: to offer participants preparatory and career guidance webinars, demo versions of tasks, and for the most motivated children we annually hold educational forums”, said Matvey Navdaev, Director of Development of the Olympiad “I am a Professional”.

He also noted that the Sverdlovsk Region was in the top three regions by number of participants in the selection stage, and the most popular areas among students in the region were: “Law” (178 participants), “Psychology” (141), “Construction” (the direction, which is organized by Ural Federal University) (130), “Teacher Education (school education)” (119) and “Medicine and Pediatrics” (114).

“Over the past 17 days in the Sverdlovsk Region, students of the Ural Federal University participated most actively in the selection stage (1,482 participants). This is only the beginning. Ahead of our students the most responsible and interesting final stage waits, where minimum 30 % of tasks will be developed by the companies-partners of the Olympiad. There the participants will be able to check their practical competences. The most important thing in the Olympiad is not even to win, though it is always pleasant to win, of course. The most important thing is an opportunity to show oneself, to estimate one’s level of knowledge. It is very important to express yourself and reveal your talents, and “I am a Professional” helps with this. We wish good luck to all participants. You are already professionals,” said Alexei Komissarov, General Director of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Russia – the country of possibilities”.

The results of the selection stage will be known in early February 2022. Students who successfully complete the selection process and score enough points will advance to the final stage. It will run from mid-February to the end of April 2022. The results of the competition will be announced in May.

Diploma holders of “I am a Professional” will receive prizes: discounts on admission to graduate, postgraduate and residency programs at leading Russian universities, as well as the opportunity to undertake an internship in a major specialized company. Gold, silver and bronze medalists of the Olympics will also receive cash prizes of up to 300,000 rubles.