Ural Federal University: 150 People Tested Their Literacy at the University

The Total Dictation event on April 9 brought together 150 participants at Ural Federal University. First Vice Rector Dmitry Bugrov and Ivan Ivanov, host of the program “Vesti-Ural”, were the dictators on two platforms of the university. They read the second part of the Nine Hundredth text by writer Marina Stepnova, which was written especially for the project.

“Total Dictation is a public educational project. Culture and literacy unites people at all times. Culture is what makes us human,” said Marina Stepnova in her address.

The works of the participants will be traditionally checked by senior philology students under the guidance of Anna Plotnikova, Director of the Philology Department. This is a long-standing practice of the university’s active participation in the Total Dictation.

The amount of mistakes and their score for the written dictation will be available on the project website after April 18. There they will also receive a prize for participation – three e-books from a special selection of the campaign’s partners.

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