Ural Federal University: 17 Students to Represent the University in Moscow in the Case-in Championship Finals

The semifinals of the international engineering championship Case-in in the directions “Electric Power Engineering”, “Metallurgy”, “Petrochemistry”, “Automation and IT” and “Project Engineering” were completed. Semifinals were held on the basis of the federal district in a remote format.

At the end of May in the finals the honor of the Ural Federal University will be defended by teams from the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Engineering School of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems, Ural Power Engineering Institute and Institute of Chemical Engineering.

In the direction of “Petrochemistry” the team “RHB” (Nikolay Kiselev, Irina Kiseleva, Kristina Maslyanaya, Larisa Cheremnykh) will perform. The teams “Santimetrologists” (Kristina Gorshenina, Milana Korniyaseva, Angelika Shelestova, Vladislav Tkachenko) and FreEngineering (Ilya Batin, Alina Vinokurova, Ivan Davydov, Andrey Skorobogatov) will perform in the “Project Engineering” field.

In the field of “Automation and IT” – the team “Error” (Alina Kalimullina). In the direction of “Electric Power Engineering” – the team “Phase S” (Aleksey Nekrasov, Olga Pichugova, Elizaveta Plankova and Igor Tetkin).

The single theme of the anniversary season “Industry 4.0” will cover all engineering cases, which will be developed by the championship partners – companies of the fuel and energy and mineral complex, nuclear industry and related industries.

As a reminder, more than 190 students from eight institutes of Ural Federal University as well as from four regional universities participated in the championship: Ural State University of Economics, Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University, a branch of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Trekhgorny Technological Institute), Industrial University of Tyumen.