Ural Federal University: 18 Students From Kazakhstan Receive Endowment Capital Stipends

18 students of the Ural Federal University received certificates for personal scholarships from the Kazakhstan Alumni Association. Among them are two graduate students, five undergraduates and 11 undergraduate students. Scholarships were awarded for excellent study, success in sports, extracurricular and scientific activities.

In addition, during the ceremony, the Union of Students separately noted the active community of Kazakhstan with letters of thanks and souvenirs on behalf of the Vice-Rector for International Affairs for active assistance in the adaptation of students.

The scholarship is awarded from the Board of Trustees of the endowment capital “Kazakhstan” in conjunction with the Kazakhstan Association of Alumni of UPI, Ural State University and UrFU.

The endowment capital “Kazakhstan” was established to support students studying at UrFU by the Kazakhstan Association of Alumni of UPI, Ural State University, UrFU in 2015. Its size is over 5.4 million rubles.

The Kazakhstan representative office of the Alumni Association of Ural Polytechnic Institute, Ural State University and UrFU was established in 2014. The chairman of the board of the representative office is UrFU HonDoc Nurtai Abykaev, a graduate of the Mechanical and Machine-Building Faculty of UPI (now UrFU Institute of New Materials and Technologies) in 1972, Doctor of Economics, President of the Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences.