Ural Federal University: 23 Students and PhD Students Won the Russian Presidential Scholarship

The results of the Russian Presidential Scholarship Contest for the 2022/23 academic year have been announced. Twenty-three Ural Federal University students and graduate students are among the winners. The university became the leading university in the number of scholarship recipients.

This scholarship is considered one of the most prestigious in Russia. It is aimed at supporting the students and graduate students who have shown outstanding abilities in educational and scientific activities. Students and graduate students whose achievements in studies and research are confirmed by diplomas (or other documents) of winners of all-Russian and international competitions, creative contests, festivals can be applicants for the scholarship. Those students who are the authors of discoveries, two or more inventions, scientific articles in the central editions of the Russian Federation and abroad can also participate.

“In my second and third years, I was actively involved in the science work. I participated in conferences and contests, conducted research, and published scientific articles on various topics: from the analysis of the financial condition of enterprises to the impact of sociological changes on the economy and forecasts of the creative sector development. Gradually the quality of my work increased along with the depth of my research. By the time I applied for the scholarship, a lot of these achievements had accumulated, it was my decision to give it a try. I could not even imagine that they would be enough to win,” said Daria Amelicheva, one of the scholarship recipients.

The scholarship is awarded annually for one academic year and is paid monthly. The size of the scholarship for students is 2200 rubles. For graduate students, the scholarship is 4500 rubles.

“I started my research in my first year, when I decided to take part in the XXII “Ural Sociological Readings” conference. I wrote an article about single-industry towns in the Sverdlovsk region. Since then I have participated in 13 scientific conferences, of which 11 were international and two regional. I have written 12 scientific articles, some of which were published in VAK journals. In addition to conferences and publications, I have won grant competitions. And to this day I am actively engaged in research and preparation of publications,” noted the scholarship holder Yaroslav Grigorenko.

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