Ural Federal University: 26 Students with Disabilities Graduated from the University

In 2022, 26 students with disabilities successfully completed their education at Ural Federal University and received their diplomas. Currently, the students are finding jobs or taking entrance exams for the Master’s Degree program.

During the year a large number of activities aimed at helping students with disabilities in the process of adaptation, socialization, as well as to improve academic performance and development of management skills were carried out. On a regular basis management duels, psychological support group meetings, individual consultations of a educational psychologist were held.

In addition, Ural Federal University students with disabilities actively participated in university, regional and national events. For example, in October 2021 in Yalta, students presented their projects at the IV All-Russian network competition of student projects “Professional Tomorrow”.

In April, another significant event was the victory of Ural Federal University student Boris Bredikhin at the regional stage of the Abilympics national championship on professional skills among people with disabilities in the Entrepreneurship competency. In May, inclusion days were held at UrFU, where students with and without disabilities, lecturers and school students learned how to work together, cooperate, and demonstrate their abilities.

“Much has been accomplished, but we continue to evolve and set new goals for the success of our students and the enhancement of an inclusive culture in the university and society,” said Natalia Rudakova, Director of the Center for Inclusive Education.

More than 195 students with disabilities continue their studies at Ural Federal University, of whom 177 successfully completed the academic year, while the remaining students have debts. At the moment, work is being done to eliminate academic debts.