Ural Federal University: 2,611 Students Will Compete to Reach the “I’m a Professional” Finals

2,611 Russian students passed the qualifying round of the National Olympiad “I am a Professional” in different fields of study. The semifinals will be held remotely.

“The tasks of the semifinals are aimed at testing applied professional competencies. The university’s partner companies take part in developing the tasks of the Olympiad. The students were helped to prepare for the final stage by webinars that we held in early March,” says Maxim Shnyrev, the Head of Division for Continuing Education and Career Guidance at UrFU.

Yesterday the tasks were solved by participants in the directions “Construction” and “Electronics, Radio Engineering and Communication Systems”, tomorrow – “Material Science and Technology of Materials” and “Software Engineering.

Participants who are most successful in completing the tasks of the semi-finals, will be able to compete for prizes in the finals, and then qualify for admission to Master’s or PhD program at Ural Federal University on special terms.

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