Ural Federal University: 7 International Students Became Masters in Human Resources Management

The Department of Personnel Management and Psychology of Ural Institute of Humanities has graduated 7 international students of Master’s degree program in Human Resources Management in English: Yulia Latypova (Russia), Lara Michelle Estefania Sanchez (Mexico), Said Abdelaziz Hajj (Algeria), Ali Redar Hamid Ali (Iraq), Mohamed Balkiz Osman (Somalia), Harata Abdalsalam (Syria), Adam Toyin Bashir (Nigeria).

The graduates of 2022 were the first ones to complete a full course in Human Resources Management in English and the program proved to be useful and demanded by students from all corners of the globe.

The foreign students successfully completed the program, having responded with dignity to all the standard and non-standard challenges during their studies: adaptation to the new country and to the academic process of the university, life in Ekaterinburg and Russia, pandemic restrictions, etc.

The Master’s theses of the graduates included topics of international importance:

Analysis of Organizational Environment for Career Self-Realization at Universities in Russia, Mexico, Latvia, and Kazakhstan;
Research on Workplace Well-Being in a Remote Retail Environment, Comparative Analysis of Digital Transformation of HR Management in Russian and Nigerian Companies;
Role of Women as Human Resources in Somali Companies;
HR Management’s Impact on Employee Satisfaction at a Kurdistan Construction Company;
Personnel Performance Management at an International Network Marketing Company;
Human Resource Management Strategies of Banks in Kuwait
Half of the program’s graduates plan to continue their studies and take a PhD degree in English at Ural Federal University.