Ural Federal University: 82 University Students Received Diplomas in the “I Am a Professional” Olympiad

82 students of Ural Federal University were awarded diplomas for the fifth season of the “I Am a Professional” All-Russian Olympiad. Twelve of them became medalists. The Sverdlovsk Region was among the top five regions in terms of the number of medalists, most of whom represent UrFU. The results of the competitions in 72 areas are available in the personal accounts of the participants.

In total, Ural Federal University students have 13 medals, as Maria Maslova won two awards: a gold medal in the Philology major and a silver medal in the Linguistics major.

“In the fifth season, there was an opportunity to participate in two areas – Philology and Linguistics. This division of areas was a great idea. We hope that in the future the Olympiad will please the participants with interesting tasks and motivate them to learn new things,” said Maria Maslova.

The strongest participants of the Olympiad – bronze, silver and gold medalists – will receive financial prizes from 100 to 300 thousand rubles. Diploma holders within two calendar years after obtaining a diploma of the Olympiad as an entrance test can be counted the result obtained at the “I Am a Professional”, which actually guarantees the opportunity to study in the direction of the corresponding profile.

From this year the university has a scholarship program: in the first semester of academic year 2022/23 medalists of the Olympiad will receive 30 thousand rubles a month, winners – 20 thousand, prize winners – 10 thousand. In the second semester of academic year 2022/23 diploma holders will also continue to receive an increased scholarship if they pass all subjects in the winter examination session with good and excellent marks and have no academic debts.

For graduates of the fourth and fifth seasons of the Olympiad from June 1 a career portal with the ability to search for jobs and sign up for internships is open. Leading employers of the country will present their opportunities to the students.

In its fifth season, UrFU organized competitions in four areas of the Olympiad: Material Science, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, and Electronics, Radio Engineering, and Communication Systems. Engineering educational forums were held in Sochi in February 2022 for the participants of the directions with the support of Pipe Metallurgical Company, Sinara Group and TMK2U Corporate University.

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