Ural Federal University: 90 Students and PhD Students of the University Received Yeltsin Scholarships

Yesterday in the main academic building of the Ural Federal University there was a ceremony of awarding certificates for scholarships named after the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. Every year the best Ural Federal University undergraduate and graduate students who have passed the corresponding competition become Yeltsin scholarship recipients.

Victor Koksharov, Rector of Ural Federal University, congratulated the winners on such an important event.

“This is the 19th time we are awarding certificates to the best of the best. You have proved that you can achieve a lot in life, you study hard, develop, and make yourself and our university better. And all roads are open in front of you. I congratulate you on this significant achievement,” said Victor Koksharov.

The scholarship of the first President of Russia is considered one of the most honorable in Ural Federal University. Year after year, excellent students take part in the competition, and their achievements are manifested in a variety of activities: academic, research, social and sports.

The 2021/22 scholarship holders include 79 undergraduate and 11 graduate students of Ural Federal University. Two students became scholarship holders of the first President of Russia for the fourth time, two more – for the third time, and 12 students receive this scholarship for the second time.

“This is the fourth time I have become a scholarship holder. It is very pleasant, probably even exciting. It is very important to receive a scholarship from the Rector and, before that, from Naina Yeltsina, because it supports scientific work and educational efforts. I study the subject of Old Russian literature, the problems of sacrifice and martyrdom. I write articles on these subjects,” said Aleksey Popovich, a second-year master’s student of the Ural Institute of Humanities.

The size of the Yeltsin grants is 4000 rubles a month. The scholarship holders receive six months’ worth of payments on their bankcards. In order to continue receiving a stipend in the second semester, they have to pass the winter exam session with high marks only.

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