Ural Federal University: A New Monograph in the Department of International Relations

The Ural University Publishing House has published a collective monograph “Russians in Korea and Koreans in the Urals: History and Modernity”. The monograph is the result of collaboration between Russian and Korean scientists on a joint research project as part of a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research “The Role of Diasporal Communities in socio-economic and cultural development of Russia and Korea in the Twentieth Century (on the materials of Russian emigrant communities in Korea and the Korean community of the Urals)”. The supervisor of the project is Aleksey Antoshin, professor of the Department of Oriental Studies of the Ural Federal University.

This work was prepared on the basis of the scientific seminar held at the Department of Oriental Studies of Ural Federal University in November 2020, which was attended by specialists from Russia and the Republic of Korea. The monograph is one of the first steps of the Ural Federal University in the expansion of scientific cooperation with the Republic of Korea.

The monograph describes the main stages of the formation and evolution of the Korean community in the Urals, analyzes the specifics of adaptation of Russians to the conditions of life on the Korean Peninsula, and their social activities in Korea in the twentieth century through a study of a variety of sources. Researchers from Ural Federal University, Perm State National Research University, South Ural State University, Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of RAS, Perm Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of RAS, and Busan University of Foreign Studies (Republic of Korea) took part in the research.