Ural Federal University: Alumni Association in Uzbekistan Has Outlined Plans

Lectures, master classes, support of task-oriented education, internships and employment of students – the work plan of the Alumni Association of UPI, USU, UrFU in Uzbekistan for 2022-2023 was approved – signed by the Executive Director of the Representation, Chief Technologist of the Northern Ore Department of Navoiy Mining and Metallurgical Company (NMMP) Oybek Ashurov, a 2013 graduate of UrFU Institute of Chemical Engineering.

Ulugbek Ergashov, chief technologist at NMMC and a 1993 graduate of the Metallurgy Department of UPI (now Ural Federal University), who heads the Association, noted that the Representation in the Republic made it possible for a delegation from the university headed by Rector Victor Koksharov to visit Navoiy: they met with Kuvandik Sanakulov, General Director of NMMC and Head of the Navoiy Mining Institute.

“There was a meaningful visit. The university team worked in four areas: science and innovation, education, international affairs, and youth policy. Thanks to the alumni’s potential, we were able to hold important meetings. For example, Professor Denis Rogozhnikov discussed in detail the proposals of our Institute of New Materials and Technologies with Ulugbek Ergashev”, says Aleksandr Ponomarev, Executive Director of the UPI, USU, and UrFU Alumni Association.

Ponomarev adds that the road map signed by Victor Koksharov and Kuvandik Sanakulov provides for the active involvement of graduates in its implementation.

There are also steps that will be achieved in the short term: Zhonibek Mavlonov, a 2008 graduate of the Electrical Engineering Department of UPI (now Ural Power Engineering Institute of UrFU) will go to Ekaterinburg for an internship to prepare his doctoral thesis.

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