Ural Federal University: Art Students Created Two Audio Guides on the Legacy of B.U. Kashkin

Students from the Department of Art History and Museum Studies at the Ural Institute of Humanities at Ural Federal University created two audio guides to the B.U. Kashkin Museum and a walking route called “BuKaShestvie”. The route around the museum includes the memories of B.U. Kashkin’s friends and funny stories from his life, and the walking tour around the city includes visits to places of great importance not only for the development of the work of the artist personally, but also for the entire artistic culture of Ekaterinburg.

Designed tours are published on the portal izi.travel and are oriented to independent travelers. They are a good way to tell about the museum and the legacy of the famous artist not only to residents of the city, but also to international tourists.

“With students, we wanted not just to create audio guides, but to learn how to talk about artistic phenomena in an interesting and engaging way. A lot of high-quality cultural content makes our city more attractive for tourists,” explains Victoria Zhdanova, a Lecturer at the Department of Art History and Museum Studies and a specialist at the Tourism Development Centre of the Sverdlovsk Region.