Ural federal university: Association of UrFU Alumni From Uzbekistan Inaugurated in Tashkent

On April 6 the Uzbekistan Association of Alumni of UPI, Ural State University and UrFU was established after a solemn online conference (Tashkent-Ykaterinburg-Tyumen). The inauguration conference of the association was attended by 27 university graduates – representatives of science, education, business and government.

Speaking to the alumni, the rector of UrFU Victor Koksharov, who personally came to Tashkent on such an important occasion, noted that with the creation of a new representative office, a new page opens in the life of the association of graduates of UPI, Ural State University and UrFU. The university has a rich history and for 100 years has made a significant contribution to the development of education and science, training of personnel in many countries. Uzbekistan is no exception in this respect. The university has always treated students from this country with great love and care.

“I am sure that the activities of the new representation of the association will be active and successful,” Koksharov said. – The University has trained over 500 specialists from among the citizens of Uzbekistan. Today they hold high positions in government bodies, among them are outstanding figures in science and culture, industrial and business spheres, and social activities. The University has always given graduates not only good, bright memories, but also the basis for success in life. “

Victor Koksharov told the members of the association about the achievements of the university in recent years and what opportunities UrFU offers to students from more than 100 countries. The rector paid special attention to the fact that the university is increasingly acting as a platform for the integration of science, education and industry.

During the inauguration meeting, the chief technologist of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine Ulugbek Ergashev (graduated in 1993) and the general director of K7 Hotel Management, as well as Grand Bek Farhad Tashtemirov (graduated in 1993) were elected as co-chairs of the Uzbekistan Alumni Association. The board also includes the chief technologist of the Northern Mining Administration of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine Oybek Ashurov (graduate of 2013), founder of Medic Lab Uz and SA Engineering Group Azamat Muratov (graduate of 2015), Assistant to the Consul General of Uzbekistan in Yekaterinburg Abdukarim Karimov (graduate of 2020), engineer of the Bukhara branch of Uzbektelecom Doston Ubaidov (graduate of 2020), deputy director of the Center for Research Initiatives Ma’n Zohra Begjanova (graduate of 1991) and entrepreneur Abdurashid Yuldashev (graduate of 1993).

The tasks of the Uzbekistan Association will include strengthening scientific and educational cooperation of UrFU with universities and scientific organizations of Uzbekistan, as well as increasing the flow of Uzbek children to study at the Ural university. In the future, the creation of its own endowment capital, which will be directed, among other things, to support talented students from Uzbekistan.

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