Ural Federal University: Belarusian State University Integrates UrFU Online Courses into Educational Programs

Students of the Belarusian State University will study using online courses of the Ural Federal University. A delegation from Belarusian State University and Ural Federal University Rector Victor Koksharov agreed on this during their visit to Ekaterinburg.

“In this semester there are already 30 students of the Belarusian State University studying soft skills on the materials of the Ural Federal University. We are ready to provide the university with access to other UrFU courses as well, and to create joint online products with our colleagues,” said Victor Koksharov.

The online course “Soft skills: 21st century skills” became the most massive in the fall launch of the “Open Education” national platform. Throughout the history of the platform, the course was one of the top 10 most demanded. The program of Ural Federal University’s Center for the Development of Universal Competencies helps to get an idea of the basic competencies needed for personal and professional fulfillment.

Moreover, representatives of the two universities discussed the digitalization of education and the preparation of virtual academic mobility programs. The universities aim to organize joint summer schools, particularly in chemistry, physics, and psychology.

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