Ural Federal University: Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant Donated 2 Million Rubles for the Department of Nuclear Power Engineering Development

Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant allocated 2 million rubles for the development of the Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Renewable Energy Sources at UrFU, the Atomic Energy 2.0 portal reports. The company donated the money to the University Development Assistance Fund. The funds will be used to purchase and maintain educational equipment, publish teaching aids, repair and upgrade classrooms and laboratories of the department, as well as to pay personal scholarships to gifted students at Beloyarsk NPP.

“We are grateful to Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant for their exceptional attention and constant support of development of our department and efforts to improve the quality of specialists training for the nuclear power industry. Among other things due to help from the nuclear power plant numerous software-hardware complexes have been implemented and are used in educational process as well as full-scale analytical simulator of power unit BN-800. Equipment for nuclear and neutron physics, dosimetry and protection labs is being constantly updated,” said Sergey Shcheklein, head of the Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Renewable Energy Sources at UrFU.

Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant named after I.V. Kurchatov is the first-born of the great nuclear power industry of the USSR. The amount of electricity produced at Beloyarsk is about 16% of the total amount of electricity in the Sverdlovsk power system. The plant operates two power units – BN-600 and BN-800. These are the world’s largest power units with fast-neutron reactors. In terms of reliability and safety, the “fast” reactor is among the best nuclear reactors in the world.

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