Ural Federal University: Business City Game Participants Defended Business Ideas

The Ural Federal University and the White Cane ANO organized the Business City game for the students of the Verkhnyaya Pyshma S. A. Martirosyan boarding school. The organizers had been preparing schoolchildren for the event for about a year.

Business City is a social project, the main element of which is a business game. The point of the game is to simulate the socio-economic environment of a modern city. Each participant can present a certain service to the inhabitants of the business city and demonstrate competencies of an organizer, entrepreneur, specialist or consumer. In the process of preparing for the game there is training in entrepreneurial skills.

Participants in the game will establish companies in different lines of business in which they can provide customer training, a craft or other activity within their chosen field, or sell goods and services.

“This year’s Business City was memorable for its uniqueness. For the first time, not only students from the S. A. Martirosyan School participated in the event. Students from the Osnovatel Business School and the Kvantorium Children’s Technopark also presented their teams, and the guests of the event were students of the Istoki Secondary School (Revda) and the UrFU’s Specialized Education and Research Center. For the first time Sberbank became a partner of the game, which added a fresh perspective to the preparation and conduct of the game. This fact was noted not only by the kids, but also by the partners from “Opora Rossii”, who are annual partners of the event,” said Oleg Kolpashchikov, White Cane’s president.

The winner of the game was the company of the Verkhnyaya Pyshma boarding school “Bul-Bul”. The children offered a very wide range of services – master classes for making bath bombs, for those who did not take part in the master class, they offered to make a temporary henna tattoo, or buy a ready-made bomb to please their loved ones.

The second place went to the Founder Business School’s “Basket of Sweets” team. The kids offered the guests tasty and healthy sweets. They were the youngest participants in the event, but they showed great efficiency and organization.

Experts note that every year the professionalism of the children only grows, they are interested in their work and very motivated. Due to this, people who come to the event are charged with positive emotions.

“We were glad to join such a socially important project as Business City. Preparations for the game took more than a month, and it should be noted the general involvement in the project and the cohesive work on it of all partners and participants. Business game was held on a tune of drive and positivity, we believe that the simulation of an inclusive socio-economic environment of the city was more than successful, the experience gained was invaluable for both participants and organizers. We are looking forward to the start of Business City 2023,” said Diana Mustafina, Executive Director of Sberbank’s Special Solutions Division.

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