Ural Federal University: CIS Networking University Master’s Students Have Completed Their First Year

The first year of the CIS Network University Master’s students studying at Ural Federal University under the joint network educational programs with Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is over. A total of six students from the partner university, studying in the Energy Diplomacy, Motivation and Self-Realization in Sports, Preventology in Youth programs proceeded to the next year.

In addition to academic activities, students are involved in research work. Master students participate in open lectures of leading experts, in research and academic literature search in bibliographic and abstract databases, in conferences and seminars. Master student of the Motivation and Self-Actualization in Sports program Saltanat Makhanova together with her supervisor published Cognitive-Motivational Resources of Athletes in Different Sports research paper in the Higher Attestation Commission journal. Saltanat is also a member of the Kazakhstan national billiard team and is writing her thesis on Attention and Psychological Reliability of Billiard Athletes.

On June 17, Master’s students of joint network programs took part in the international youth scientific and methodological conference of the CIS Network University “Innovative Outlook and Efficiency of New Generation Cooperation in the Commonwealth of Independent States”, in which students are preparing scientific publications.

“The admission process was easy and quick, thanks to the cooperation of the two universities and the help of the responsible coordinators, who were ready to answer any questions, no matter how trivial they might have seemed. Other advantages can also be noted, such as the attention to international cooperation and the qualified teaching staff,” said Erkezhan Kastayeva, a student in the Preventology in Youth program.

Three Master students of joint network programs Erkezhan Kastayeva, Kamila Ismagulova, Saltanat Makhanova were declared outstanding students of the CIS Network University, they were awarded diplomas of the conference. Only RUDN University and Ural Federal University students (a total of 39 universities – members of the CIS Network University) were awarded certificates of merit, which shows the high level of Master degree training in Ural Federal University.

“I study at two universities at the same time, which gives me the opportunity to study in different specialties and expand my boundaries and social circle. I would like to express my enormous gratitude to all the staff at UrFU and the incredibly great lecturers. Despite the difficulties associated with the pandemic, with the temporary distance education, absolutely all actions were coherent. The CIS Network University program is a great opportunity for students from many CIS countries. I hope that due to this and similar programs, the connection between Russia and Kazakhstan will only become stronger!” said Kamila Ismagulova, a master’s student in the International Relations program.