Ural Federal University: Ecology and Inclusive Education: Swiss Ambassador Visits University

The development of cooperation in science and education with Switzerland is the focus of the rectorate of Ural Federal University today – a delegation led by Ambassador Krystyna Marty Lang visited the university. The diplomat gave a lecture on sustainable development and opened an exhibition at the Ural Federal University main building.

“Not only natural sciences and engineering, but also economics and the social sciences and humanities are priorities for the two countries. Joint grants from Russian and Swiss research foundations remain the most effective tools we have,” the ambassador said.

Bilateral discussions also included measures to increase academic exchanges and the possibility of scholarship programs: Switzerland offers 25 scholarships for Russian students.

“In the opinion of our scientists and professors, cooperation with the University of Basel will be most effective for both sides. Taking advantage of the fact that the delegation includes a well-known expert on the rights of persons with disabilities, Professor Markus Schäfer from the University of Basel, we have prepared a separate program for him in our Center for Inclusive Education,” emphasized First Vice Rector of the UrFU Dmitry Bugrov.

Professor Schäfer, in turn, said that despite the fact that his field is jurisprudence, he sees bio- and nanotechnology as a strength of the University of Basel, where, together with colleagues from Ural Federal University, Swiss researchers could achieve success. Schäfer identifies exchange programs for undergraduate and, first and foremost, graduate students as a prospect for systemic cooperation.

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