Ural Federal University: Ekaterinburg for International Students

Ural Federal University together with the Ekaterinburg City Administration is organizing a series of events “Ekaterinburg for International Students”.

UrFU International Department together with the management of the International Department of Ekaterinburg Library Center during the academic year 2021/22 plan to organize and hold various cultural and educational events for our international students aimed at getting acquainted with Ekaterinburg city, its history and culture.

12 Chairmen and activists of Ural Federal University student associations from Kazakhstan, China, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, African countries, Latin American and Arab countries, Mongolia, Afghanistan and India came to meet Maxim Dokuchaev, Adviser of the Ekaterinburg City Head.

The students were told about active international life in Ekaterinburg and possibilities of foreign students’ involvement in various social and cultural events of the Ural capital.