Ural Federal University: Ekaterinburg Will Host Festival for Science Lovers


IT Picnic, organized by SKB Kontur and UrFU, will take place on September 3 in Mayakovsky Park. Students and city residents who are interested in science and technology development are welcome at the popular science meeting. Popularizers of science, scientists, lecturers as well as experts and developers from SKB Kontur will tell how ideas are born and become part of our reality as services and mechanisms. In between expert lectures, it will be possible to play a neural network quiz and robot soccer.

“Picnic IT is our first attempt to create an open urban platform for those residents of Ekaterinburg who are interested in information technology. We are organizing a space where it will be possible to listen to interesting lectures, take part in different IT-activities and listen to music. Such a combination, in our opinion, is a good instrument that will allow any audience, both IT workers and citizens who are not indifferent to the city, to spend time with pleasure and learn something new and interesting,” said Oybek Partov, the project supervisor from the Ural Federal University.

The event will be finished with a DJ set by neural network, performances by the Ekaterinburg band “Straight To The Lips” and a member of the 10th season of the show “The Voice” Maksim Yudin. The Headliner of the evening is the hip-hop singer Antoha MC.

“The Ural is a native region for many scientists, and in recent years the most modern science – IT – has been actively developing here as well. The IT Picnic will be a vivid illustration of the fact that the people in our region are intellectuals with a wide outlook. Guests will be pleased with the speeches of famous popularizers of science, who are able to talk about complex things in simple and understandable language. Aleksey Vodovozov, Stanislav Drobyshevsky and Evgeniya Timonova will come to the IT Picnic,” said Ekaterina Vlasyuk, the Event Organizer from SKB Kontur.

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