Ural Federal University: Engineering Development Center Appears at University

An Engineering Development Center for preparing construction documentation and production of critical components will appear at Ural Federal University. The program for establishing and developing the center at UrFU was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation within the framework of the competition under Russian Government Decree № 209 with the allocation of a federal grant of over 250 million rubles for two years.

The new division of the university will work in close cooperation with the Engineering Center of Digital Machine Building Technologies, which has extensive experience in engineering and is actively engaged in the development and production of import-substituting products.

“Our comprehensive approach to solving customer issues has long exceeded the boundaries of the virtual space. An integral part of project completion is the production of a prototype, its testing, which we conduct at our own virtual testing facility, and the release of design documentation for serial production. Our developments have already been implemented at United Engine Corporation, KAMAZ, Sinara, and now we work with other corporations, including reverse engineering projects,” said Maksim Sapogov, Director of the UrFU’s Engineering Center of Digital Machine Building Technologies.

The Engineering Development Center’s responsibilities will include research, development, and production of critical components and technologies for the domestic industry. The grant will provide an opportunity to purchase high-precision equipment to expand the production capacity of the university, which will allow to produce import-substituting products with improved characteristics and consumer properties.

“Against the background of sanctions, almost all large holdings today are faced with the problem of supplying the necessary components. The steps taken by the country’s leaders to solve this problem, in particular the opening of engineering development centers, are aimed at making Russian enterprises import-independent. We have all the components and potential to accomplish these goals. There is a lot of interesting and necessary work ahead,” emphasized Sergey Kortov, First Vice-Rector of UrFU.