Ural Federal University: Engineering Students Will Solve Cases in Five Areas

The qualifying rounds of the jubilee season of the Case-in International Engineering Championship will be held at the Ural Federal University from March 15 to April 7. The participants will have to solve problems on the topic Industry 4.0, which will be developed by the championship partners – companies of the fuel and energy and mineral complexes, nuclear industry and related industries.

UrFU will host five areas of the championship. March 15 – electric power industry, case study: “Innovative process change based on industry 4.0 technologies in electric grid company for sustainable development of power industry”. March 22 – petrochemistry, topic: “Metering of pollutants emissions and discharges”. March 29 – metallurgy, topic: “Development of a set of measures to improve aluminum production process and obtain aluminum alloy of the required composition on the basis of Industry 4.0 technologies”. March 30 – Project Engineering, topic: “Case study: “Development of a set of measures to improve the efficiency of design and construction activities based on Industry 4.0 technologies and ESG-principles”. April 7 – Automation and IT, case study: “Optimization of processes of construction equipment and personnel on the basis of Industry 4.0 technologies for sustainable development of a construction company (management of equipment and personnel in the construction organization).

Participants can be bachelors, masters and PhD students under 25 years of age, inclusive, in all areas of training and specialties.

Students’ decisions will be evaluated by an expert commission, which includes representatives of championship partner companies and the university. Preferential admission to master’s and PhD programs is provided for the participating students.

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