Ural Federal University: Foreign Students Learned about Soviet Heritage in Modern Russia

On January 31, the opening ceremony of Winter School 2022 “Soviet Heritage in Modern Russia” was held at Ural Federal University. Julia Filaretova, the program’s director, welcomed the 13 participants who came from Switzerland, Denmark, and Germany.

For two weeks, participants had the chance to experience the Russian winter, life in Ekaterinburg, and to attend lectures, seminars and workshops with UrFU top-professors on the USSR and its impact on the Russian identities.

During the first week, the participants visited the USSR Museum, and learned about the real life of a real Soviet. In Ekaterinburg, they went on a tour to visit the places that are related to the past and present of the industrial Capital of Russia. The city’s Opera House was one of the stops to enjoy the atmosphere of Russian ballet. They also visited the nearby towns and villages: Nevyansk, the Leaning White Tower, and Tavolgi village, where participants had a Pottery Workshop. They also had a chance to cook and taste Russian dishes, exchanging their thoughts and ideas to all that is connected to Russia: the Empire, the Soviet and the Federation.

During the second week, the participants learned more about Soviet architecture, and examined the social history of the USSR. They visited the most famous places of Soviet avant-garde in Ekaterinburg: the Chekists Village, Uralmash and White Tower.

Alexey Ryzhkov, Ekaterinburg’s most notable painter, visited the participants, who had the chance to talk and paint with him in a workshop dedicated to drawing Ekaterinburg’s most famous landmarks. Moreover, participants visited the Hermitage-Ural Cultural and Educational Center, and the Main Post Office, where they sent postcards to their families.

In addition, they visited the artificial hot springs and enjoyed the outdoor sauna in 15˚C subzero.

In the weekend, the closing ceremony took place at Ural Federal University, where participants received their certificates. They expressed their utmost happiness to be part of the Winter School 2022, to live in Ekaterinburg, to experience the Russian winter and know Russian culture and real Russia!

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