Ural Federal University: Four Humanities Monographs Will Receive Grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research has summarized the results of the second stage of the competition for the publication of the best scientific works of 2021 (humanities and social sciences). Four research projects will receive financial support from the Ural Federal University: “Industrial Memory: Scale and Multiplicity” (led by Mikhail Vandyshev), “The Far Eastern Dream of European Masters” (Sergey Vinokurov, Lyudmila Budrina), “Soviet films about the village: experience of historical interpretation of the artistic image” (Lyudmila Mazur), and the project of Elena Pirogova “Library of the Ural factory owner A. F. Turchaninov (reconstruction according to the inventory of property of 1789)”.

“The idea of the monograph is to analyze how the multiplicity of scales of memory manifests itself in cities with a large weight of industrialization and different volumes of sociocultural heritage. The subject of reflection is social memory as a factor in the organization of city life. Memory, attached to a place, concentrates on specific facts and shows that diversity, that palimpsest, which is the product, the result of memory’s work,” explains Mikhail Vandyshev, associate professor at the Department of Applied Sociology at UrFU and co-author of “Industrial Memory: Scale and Multiplicity”.

According to Vandyshev, the co-authors of the monograph and the study, Natalia Veselkova and Elena Pryamikova, use a multiscalar approach to combine two different analytical currents – memory research and scoping. The geography of the study covers eight cities in the Ural region, which represents a characteristic focus of “old” and “new” industrialism. In 2018, the RFBR also supported this research (project No. 18-011-00456, “Scaling Social Memory of Generations in Cities of ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Industriality”).

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