Ural federal university: German-Russian Russian School Receives Award From German-Russian Year of Academic Partnerships Project

On September 15, 2020 the German Russian Summer School (GRSS) – a cooperation project between the Ural Federal University (UrFU) and the Technical University of Dortmund (TU Dortmund) – received an award during the final event of the German-Russian Year of Academic Partnerships 2018-2020. Ural Federal University thanks the project’s partners – TU Dortmund, EUREF, Russian and German Foreign Affairs Ministers – for providing assistance and apt recources for such a successful project, established to create an intertwining connection between Russian and German intellectual youth.

Ural Federal University is proud to assure that the positive effects of the scientific cooperation started within the GRSS will certainly claim to contribute to bilateral scientific development of Germany and Russia, as well as for peace and prosperity in the world for generations to come.

The German Russian Summer School started five years ago as a German-Russian initiative at the suggestion of the then Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. In 2019, the GRSS with the title “Smart Electricity and Engineering” took place starting in Dortmund and ended in Berlin, which included visits to the EUREF campus and Bellevue Palace. The next Summer School themed ‘Climate Protection and New Energy Partnership between Germany and Russia’ is planned for the coming year in Yekaterinburg.

“The established training format of GRSS provides a sustainable platform for qualification of young professionals in the field of the energy industry. Proven cooperation between the UrFU and the TU Dortmund promotes the scientific and intercultural exchange, stimulates mutual understanding and enables the networking of the project partners involved, – states the congratuatory letter by Stephan Kohler, the Head of the EnergyEfficiencyInvest-Eurasia GmbH.”

The German Russian Summer School, which is traditionally held in August, had to be canceled this year for known reasons. Nevertheless, the existing project partnership between Yekaterinburg and Dortmund was further strengthened. As a cross-border joint project, GRSS took part in the competition “Bridges for German-Russian University and Scientific Cooperation”, which was organized as part of the theme year under the auspices of the foreign ministers of the two countries, and won in the “Cooperation between universities” category. The high-ranking jury selected the GRSS project, which is “an important contribution to the lively German-Russian scientific cooperation and confirms the commitment in the bilateral university partnership ”, out of 124 applications for the award.

“It certainly gives us enormous pleasure to see the German Russian Summer School develop as a project committed to the development of ongoing close cooperation between Germany and Russia in the areas of innovation, education and research and, in the common interest, contributes to the intensification and strengthening of bilateral relations in today’s challenging times. Also, allow me to send words of gratitude to our friends in Yekaterinburg, – concludes Stephan Kohler.”