Ural Federal University: Humanities Students Receive Awards at International Scientific Conferences

Bachelor’s and Master’s students of History of Arts program of the Ural Institute of Humanities at Ural Federal University became winners of the Novosibirsk State University International Scientific Student Conference and the Moscow State University Conference “Lomonosov-2022”.

The conference at Novosibirsk State University was held on April 12. Veronika Podryadova, a third-year student at UrFU, won first place with her paper “The Serbian Medial Group of the 1950s-1960s: Art of Opposites”. The first-year Master’s student Polina Platonova was awarded second place for her paper “Artist’s Mediaconics – the Space of Syncretism: Evgeny Strelkov’s Experience”.

“The other day the results of the presentations of several students, whom I have supervised for several years, came in. This is very honorable and joyful, because the topics and papers submitted by them were the best in the “Art History” section at Moscow State University and Novosibirsk State University. Due to the online format it became possible on the same day,” says Tamara Galeeva, Associate Professor of Department of Art History and Museum Studies, scientific adviser of the winners.

On the same day, the Lomonosov-2022 conference was held at Moscow State University. According to the results of the section’s work, the diplomas “For the best paper” were awarded to third-year Bachelors in the History of Arts Ekaterina Ostrovskaya (paper “The Art of Bernard Garo as a Reflection on the Global Warming Problem”) and Veronika Podryadova (paper “Student Cultural Center in Belgrade: Westernization of Art in Yugoslavia in the 1970s”).

“The award-winning students in the department have always been distinguished in their research by their innovative outlook and their ability to precisely frame the problems in the field of art they are studying. Undoubtedly, a special role is played by the lecturer who is passionate about the topic and leads the entire period of study. Almost every year our students bring back honorary awards,” emphasizes Vera Avdeeva, Head of the Department of Art History and Museum Studies.

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