Ural Federal University: Igor Manzhurov Summarized the Preliminary Results of UIREC in 2021

One of the main issues of the regular meeting of the Ural Federal University Academic Council, which was held on November 29, was the fulfillment of the activity program of the Ural Interregional Research and Education Center “Advanced Industrial Technologies and Materials”. The report was presented by Igor Manzhurov, UIREC director of development, according to the latest issue of the Urals Federal newspaper (issue no. 28 of December 6).

Currently the UIREC program of activities includes 48 technological projects of the center, 10 of which have been identified as core projects and 38 of which are on the list of core projects. Another 27 technological projects have been developed for the future.

“These 27 projects are the sprouts that will become the basis in the future,” Igor Manzhurov explained.

Summarizing the preliminary results of the center’s work this year, Igor Leonidovich talked about five of the main projects. For example, under the project “Demonstrators of Rocket and Space Complex Propulsion System”, the conceptual design documentation for the propulsion system demonstrator was developed, fire tests of 20 combustion chambers of the demonstrator were conducted, its overall assembly was carried out, etc. Under the project “Perspective Technologies for the Nuclear Industry” a new metal construction material with enhanced corrosion resistance in salt melts, cells of solid oxide fuel cells of a new type, etc. were created. Under the project “Scientific and Industrial Cluster for Design and Production of High-Speed Rolling Stock” the preparation of the product life cycle management system for requirements management in the PLM-system was performed, the universal locomotive architecture was implemented in the PLM-system, a set of design models of TEM10 diesel locomotive using this architecture was created, etc.

Financial support of the technological projects in 2021 was provided from the Sverdlovsk regional government funds (99 million rubles) and the UIREC grant (68 million rubles, i.e. 60% share of the Sverdlovsk region in the project).

Today the Ural Research and Education Center is one of the most effective and promising among other Russian centers of a similar level. This is confirmed, in particular, by the significance and scale of projects, the amount of funding and attention to its activities on the part of the industrial sector and regional government.

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