Ural Federal University: In 2021 the Construction of the New Campus of the University Will Begin

The construction of the new campus of Ural Federal University will begin this year. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko announced this at a meeting of the Russian Government. Ural Federal University’s application was one of eight winners of the federal competition out of 27 applicants. The selection was conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science together with the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and the VEB.RF corporation.

“We considered such criteria as integration into the urban environment, ensuring the accommodation needs of more than 2.5 thousand people, participation of universities in the program “Priority 2030″. In addition, co-financing from various sources, including business, is a must. The project in Ekaterinburg has reached agreements with investors to co-finance almost half of the cost of the campus. Campuses will ensure the preservation and development of human capital in the regions, the growth of entrepreneurial activity, and become a driver for the development of modern urban environment,” said Dmitry Chernyshenko.

The budget grant to create the campus will be up to 60% of the cost of the project. The heads of the subjects participate in this process and will have to ensure the attraction of private investment. In turn, the Ministry of Education and Science coordinates the signing of agreements between the subjects and businesses on the part of co-financing.

“The words of Dmitry Chernyshenko that the construction of the Ural Federal University campus in the Novokoltsovsky district of Ekaterinburg may begin as early as 2021 are very important to us, especially in light of the recent visit of Cabinet Minister Mikhail Mishustin. We have reached agreements with investors to co-finance almost half of the cost of the campus – here I want to point out the special role of Sverdlovsk Region Governor Evgeny Kuyvashev and our Supervisory Board Chairman Dmitry Pumpyanskiy, who made the key contribution to moving the project forward,” said Victor Koksharov, Rector of the Ural Federal University.

According to Viсtor Koksharov, the experience of Kazan and Sochi shows that the infrastructure of big sporting events can serve the development of the most important research initiatives.

“We certainly count on the legacy of the World Student Games – in addition to the Universiade Village, modern sports fields, a medical center and other facilities of a world-class university campus will appear in Novokoltsovsky. All these facilities will contribute to the development of Ekaterinburg and the Urals, attracting talented students, teachers and researchers from around the world here”, Koksharov stated.

In early July the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin visited Ural Federal University and got acquainted with the project of the new campus of the university. It is planned that the new academic buildings will complement the infrastructure of the World Student Games in Novokoltsovskoye. The new buildings will house the IT students, future technological entrepreneurs, economists and managers, as well as the students of the University’s Specialized educational and research center.

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